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What to look for in a Fax machine

You might think that all fax machines are more or less the same, but the difference between a good purchase and a magic purchase is in the details. Fax machines in the Officemagic range offer a great choice for you. All customers who buy fax machines from Officemagic can be sure of good advice, great support and magic prices to match.

At Officemagic, we offer a massive range of fax machines from market-leading brands such as Canon and Panasonic. We have entry level models or high usage, high specification internet capable fax machines which double as office workflow systems. Our ever-expanding, quality range is fully described on this website. Comparing prices and specifications is easy - and for extra support we are just a phone call away.

Which Fax machine?

In addition to speaker phones and digital answering machines, the fax machines in our range can offer such features as caller ID, auto redial, fax forwarding, polling, and speed dialing.

If you decide that you want advanced capabilities, you can be sure to find them in the right combination in our range

A major factor to consider when deciding on what price range to go for, is the planned usage for your new fax machine. A lower-cost machine usually offers slower transmission speeds, which is fine for occasional use, but can become less acceptable for large volume. A fax machine that can transmit at faster speeds - say 14,400 bits per second (bps) and which uses the Modified Modified Read (MMR) compression standard will make sure that your faxes will be sent at least 50 percent more quickly than 9,600 bps system (assuming there is another 14,400 bps system at the other end). The result is lower phone bills and better availability of the fax machine for all users. 33,600 bps speeds are also available, making the savings even greater over time.

Other factors

Other important considerations are the available memory in the fax machine, so that pages are not lost if the fax runs out of paper, and perhaps a healthy sized paper tray to reduce the risk of running out of paper at times of unattended use - for example at weekends or overnight.

If you are planning a more radical overhaul of your office equipment needs, now might be the time to consider and all-in-one device which will incorporate fax functionality with print, copy and / or scanning requirements. Our website is packed full of such systems for you to explore.

Fax machine selection tool: the Officemagic wizard

Now exclusive to Officemagic, you can use our fax machine wizard to find your ideal fax. Simply specify your needs from the wizard's options, and you will cut through the selection process in seconds, giving you a set of candidate fax machine systems for you to explore online and in-depth. Magic!

Buy online

At Officemagic we are working hard to provide you with an easy way to secure the fax machine of your choice. We are confident that our website will show you all you need to know about each model we offer - and if that's the case, we hope you will use our secure buying system to make your purchase with us.

.. or by telephone

You can easily transact online or by telephone obtaining the same benefits, services and equipment more efficiently and reassuringly than you might find dealing with several different vendors. Our telephone helpline is there to provide additional help if needed and assist in your choice of product and service.

Your next step

Naturally, your Officemagic advisor will be more than happy to listen to your individual requirements, and tailor the right fax machine solution for you. In the meantime here you can get a taste of these exceptional products by viewing some of our fax machines specials, or why not try our fax machines wizard now!

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